Principles of effective web page design

Once you decided to start an online business and have decided that you need a website in order to carry that business idea forward, you need to convey a simple message to your web designer that you need a unique and effective web page design. This is a must do thing because a web page design is the first thing that a customer will see on your website and if the web page design is not effective enough that it can catch the attention of customers, it won’t be able to take your business forward because people will come to your website and after seeing the web page design they won’t feel motivated to visit any other categories. In addition to being stylish, the web page needs to be effective, the effectiveness of a web page can be determined by looking into the number of people it is able to attract towards the website and the extent to which it makes them spend time on your website.

Here are some basic principles that make a web page design effective and can prove good for your business.

  • Purpose of Website:

It is the most basic and a must have a principle for a web page. A web page design should be made in such a way that it depicts the purpose of the website and the business. It should tell people why is it here and what is its job.

  • Keeping It Simple:

Keeping it simple is as compulsory as your business because the simpler it is, the easier it will be for the people to understand. By simple it means that the web page should be able to communicate its message to the people.

  • Fonts:

The fonts you use plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your web page. Make sure that the font you use is easy to read and doesn’t confuse people. Mostly aerial or Serif are used because they are easy to read and the size is kept to 16px.

  • Colors:

You can convey a lot through the colors you use and by the selection of your colors, your customers can get an idea for many things you want to say. So, it won’t be wrong to say that you can say a lot of things just be colors and without writing a single word.

  • Images:

Images help people to build an attachment with what you are saying. People read the text and if there are images present in regards to that text, people can relate that and can understand your message in a clearer way.

  • Load Time:

Load time is the time that it takes a web page to open up. So, if your web page takes longer than usual to open up, the people will be annoyed and demotivated to spend time on your website. So, try to keep the load time as short as it can be people the less it times to open up, the more time people will spend on it. Patrick Zarrelli can design a web page for your business or can develop a full-fledged website for your company or organization in the best way. Patrick Zarrelli’s team enables all the best ways and procedures by which they can carry out the requirements of their clients. Dependable website management company is led by Patrick Zarrelli and they are doing their best to achieve maximum customer’s satisfaction.